Best way to dry a car after washing

If you want to keep your auto’s resale value as well as keep the paintwork looking as good as new, you’ll pay attention to just how you dry it.

You see, washing as well as drying your vehicle regularly is the one car maintenance task that supplies the most advantage to the visual appeals of your auto.

Water that is normally utilized for cleaning has all-natural minerals, as well as those that don’t merely evaporate when you let your lorry air completely dry. Certain, your car will eventually be completely dry, after all the water evaporates, however, those minerals will certainly leave a trace.

You will see places, deposits, and also streaks that will make your cars and truck look even worse than they did before you washed them. If your automobile’s paintwork is dark, this will certainly be much more recognizable.


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A Chamois is one of the most usual methods to dry your car. To make real chamois, producers use hill goat or lamb leather. It is soft, absorptive, as well as entirely non-abrasive.

You can additionally make use of an artificial chamois, although they might not be as durable as the real deal. If you select a synthetic material seek Poly Vinyl Alcohol (PVA). These chamois are made of PVA and also are economical and equipment washable.

Start on top of the automobile, and work your way down. Toss the chamois over the level surfaces and also carefully pull it toward you throughout them. If you intend to stay clear of streaking, fold your chamois into a square, and also wipe.

The technique to utilizing a chamois to dry your car is to use it somewhat damp, never ever completely dry.

Chamois car Leather


Cloth Lint-Free Diapers

You begin with a diaper in each hand, and you utilize your leading hand to wipe off most of the water. After you did that, follow it with your other hand to dry the section totally.

When the leading hand diaper comes to be too wet, use the other one as a lead, and take a fresh baby diaper for your various other hands. When you’re finished with the bodywork, take a fresh diaper to dry out off the glass, as well as we assure you there will certainly be no water spots.

About 5-8 diapers will be needed to dry your cars and truck effectively. After you’re done with it, wash them for the next time.

Microfiber Dryer Towel

If you’re looking for a budget option,  the best way to dry a car is to use microfiber towels.

Microfibre Towel drying techniques

They are very absorbent, however, they have consisted of resilient fibers that draw away surface area debris as opposed to smearing it on the surface. Plus they are so tiny they won’t scratch your paint.

No person desires streaks as well as scratches on their paint, making microfiber towels optimal for extensively drying your vehicle.

Microfiber Dryer Towels are the key to drying your automobile swiftly, as well as without leaving any streaks.

Simply moisten the towel lightly before you begin. Start with the roof, go over flat surface areas, and then move on to cracks and crevices.

Pressurized Air

If you hate spending a lot of time on auto maintenance, or you never handle to dry it perfectly with any of the previous methods, we have a remedy. Pressurized air will be your new best friend for car drying functions.

After you clean your automobile, wash it with tool water pressure coming out of the hose. Simply allow the water to flow freely over the surface.

After you’re finished with that, provide it a minute or two, and after that take the container of pressurized air. It will dry the bodywork rapidly, as well as help you deal with locations such as running boards, gas caps, and also windshield wipers.

Pressurized Air

This cool little point can make your life a lot easier, as well as car-drying much faster.