Parking sensor

parking sensor

How to install a Parking Sensor on the car by yourself.


Parking sensor – most drivers can no longer imagine parking without this smart device. The days are long gone when there were no other options to park your car except manual mode.

It is possible to install a Parktronic on your own, having basic concepts about the work and installation of electrical equipment of the car.

The display will be installed on the rearview mirror.


Preparing and marking for installing parking assist sensor.

Take a box with a parking sensor kit. And check its equipment. It contains a block of wires, a set of parking sensors, a central control unit, a frieze for drilling a hole in the bumper, ties, and tape for marking.

You need to clean and dismantle your bumper, remove all unnecessary things from it. Look under the bumper and determine the distance at which we have its amplifier.

Determine whether we have a reversing light (left or right) and depending on that we pull all the wires there. A wire from the mirror, and from the Parktronic display, pull into the trunk.  The main block of the parking radar shall be installed in the same place. All of this will be connected to the reversing lamp on the left or right (determine where it is located).

With the laser level marking the middle of the bumper, it greatly simplifies the process.

Laser marking


In order to set the Parktronic, we make the marking to the right and left of the bumper center, with a certain interval. For two central Parktronics, it is wider than for the other two.

Laser marking

After we have made all the markings, we make holes in the bumper with the laser cutter. The distance between all sensors is symmetrical, approximately 40 cm each.

Go to the next stage.

The next step is laying the wires of the Parktronic.

Put the numbered wires to the letters A.B C.D.


Laying the wires through the drilled holes, each in turn. After we put all four wires separately through the drilled holes, coil all of them together into one wire. Get them into the trunk through a special hole.

Select a place for the central unit and fix it.

rear parking sensors

Because the wires are long, we twist them and hide them in the side hole of the car.

Now let’s go to fixing the monitor and laying wires from the monitor to the central unit.

For this purpose, we use a rearview mirror, on top of it, and attach our monitor.

mount above the mirror

As the mirror has a spherical shape, for fixing the monitor we use double-sided adhesive tape.
We fix the wire on the mirror’s leg and lead it under the car ceiling trim to the rack and further along the side surface to the rear of our car.

Connect the wire from the display, four wires from the parking sensors, and power wires to the central unit.

central block

Check that the connection is correct. We are looking for positive and negative.

Let’s go to the last part.


Installation of parking car sensor

  • Reduce the length of wires on which we attach parking sensors. A little squeeze the tendrils.

parking radar spot

  • Check all the parking system.

installing parcing radar



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