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Hydrogen motorcycle Segway Apex H2 will be put into production in 2021 – 2023 years.


Segway Apex is once again ready to surprise fans with an unusual vehicle. This is an Apex H2 hydrogen motorcycle, which is lighter and more maneuverable than its battery-powered counterparts.

Segway is an eminent manufacturer of a unique two-wheeled vehicle powered by electric traction. Its main feature is the ability to ride standing while holding the swinging steering wheel.




Their sales began relatively recently – only in the early 2000s, but during this time the company has found a lot of fans. Moreover, its imitators and even small firms that are engaged in product appeared.

As a result, the Segway era was begun, and this is how almost all such two-wheeled vehicles are called.

But it must be admitted that the Segways fashion ended a long time ago, and electric scooters are more in demand nowadays. Nevertheless, Segway and its varieties (other brands) continue to successfully occupy the corporate market niche.

For example, they are convenient to use as warehousing or intra-office transport.


segwey motorcycle


As for the Segway company itself, it was sold to the Chinese competitor Ninebot in 2015.

As a result of merging, a joint Segway-Ninebot corporation emerged, producing light electrical equipment: from
strollers and scooters to ATVs and autonomous robots, as well as the Segways themselves.

The joint venture made an unsuccessful attempt to enter the electric motorcycle market in 2019.

The Segway-Ninebot firstborn in this segment was supposed to be the Apex H2 sports bike prototype, but it has never reached the assembly line.

But its renewed hydrogen version Apex H2 has a real chance to become a serial. At least, this is officially announced on the manufacturer's website. Moreover, the preliminary price is already known. It is 69,999 CNY or 10,750 USD.



Many people will be surprised by such a small price, although hydrogen plants are still quite expensive even in comparison with electric motors. The first hydrogen Segway motorcycle production is scheduled for 2021 – 2023 years.

The bike looks amazing in official photos. You can pay attention to the one-way pendulum suspension, thanks to which the motorcycle body seems to be floating in the air.

There are few details regarding the technical characteristics: the power is 82 hp (60 kW), acceleration 0-60 takes 4 seconds and a top speed is 150 km/h. The buffer battery presence is also declared.

According to the fact that the hydrogen filling station development is still in its infancy, the Chinese company proposes to refuel the bike by replacing special hydrogen containers, which are shaped like a projectile or a thermos.

The buffer battery

It will be possible to replace such containers anywhere and anytime. Here the security question naturally arises, and therefore the Chinese have to think over foolproof.

The maximum power reserve of a bike with such hydrogen cylinders is also unknown.

Segwey Apex

Anyway, the hydrogen motorcycle emergence prospects cannot but arouse interest. Especially when it comes to Segway — a brand with a reputation.

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